Collective Power - April

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MJWC Hosts Its First Field-Trip

50 Odyssey Students Visit the MJWC

Teachers from Odyssey School of Denver connected with the MJWC to collaborate on a writing project happening in second and third grade classes. Dajia and Christiana visited Odyssey to share their own personal stories as literary activists. The following week, they hosted Odyssey students for a custom writing workshop. Odyssey students reflected that in the MJWC, they felt: "powerful," "excited," and "happy".


Engineering For The Community

Sophomores designing prosthetic gripper

Students in our HackSchool Introduction to Engineering class are prototyping a prosthetic gripper that automatically closes when an object is nearby. Students were asked to apply engineering design principles towards a solution for someone in their community. This group chose to design a low-cost and open-source solution for individuals with amputated limbs.


Homegrown Leadership @ Empower

Ariana wins social justice scholarship! 

Join us in celebrating Ariana Atziri for receiving the Dr. George Rivera Social Justice Scholarship at CU BOULDER! Here is an excerpt from her scholarship essay highlighting her work leading the co-creation of Empower High School: “...during my final semester at CCD, I was asked to lead a design process in which families, students, and educators would co-create a high school. A school designed for the community, by the community. Within two months, we had conducted community-based participatory research and built a community design team of thirty. I led the design team meetings in both Spanish and English, bridging the language barrier that historically prevented families like mine from participating in processes like this. In this space, it felt like I found that missing part of myself, like I had re-claimed my identity and my power...After securing scholarships and financial aid to attend CU Boulder, I transferred in January 2018 with my associates from CCD and enrolled in the Ethnic Studies and Education Concurrent Degree Program. This way, when I graduate in Fall 2020, I will be ready to return to Aurora to teach at the high school I helped design.”

Come break bread with us at the next meeting on May 16th, 5:30-7:00 PM.