"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge..."

This was the opening lyric smoothly delivered by Dr. Dre on N.W.A.'s hit track "Straight Outta Compton". The lyric was a promise realized by the group's authenticity and commitment to let their music bear witness to the truth of the streets they came from. 

Mardale Jay, a student founder of the Manual Writing Center, was a talented poet, rapper, artist, writer, coach, and leader with a revolutionary soul who let his words bear witness to our truths. Over this past weekend, he tragically passed away and left us with a priceless gift: a call to action. Transformation happens when we center our movements on the strength of street knowledge, the voices of those who are too often unheard. The voices of our educators, our families and our students. 

This year, we had the honor to hear the power of Mardale's voice. Watch this video to hear his vision for education and help us remember him for the leader he was.

A single person can make an impact. If you would like to help, Mardale's family needs financial support with the funeral arrangements, and support for this can be sent to Manual High School, Attn: Principal Dawkins, in care of Mardale Jay. Food baskets and food support is welcome and can be sent to 1612 Paris St. Apt. 308., Aurora, CO 80010.

We are working hard to figure out how our Collective can help ensure Mardale's legacy is crystallized and never forgotten. If you would like to help his legacy continue or have any ideas, please email us at cofounders@hncollective.org.

Mardale, Rest in Peace!