Title: Culture Guru (a.k.a. Founding High School Principal)

Apply By: Rolling basis

Location: Denver Metro Area, CO

Your Mission: 100 years from now, schools might not exist. We don’t know what that future will look but we are certain our approach to Authentic Education is a pathway there. Your task is to bridge the gap between 2019 and 2119 by sustainably creating and leading a world-class school culture with a team of students, educators, community partners, and families. Imagine a school that partners with organizations and their industry experts to share a space and work with students to solve real communities' problems on a daily basis.

Who We Are: We are poets, foodies, barbershop singers, writers, consciousness junkies, activists, climbers, snowboarders, and pianists. We are also educators with a daring vision for systemic change. We have freedom, resources, and a workplace grounded in our wellness. In the last 12 months, we’ve secured funding, built a world-class team, deepened relationships with community stakeholders and were just named winner of a national Social Innovation Prize.

 Join us if the following questions scare but also excite you!

  • How do we spend 1.5 (PAID) years to refine our center-based school model grounded in Authentic Education prior to a Fall 2019 school opening with community stakeholders?

  • How do we create a sense of belonging for students, educators, families, and community partners?

  • How do we inspire, retain, and empower students, staff, and families to invest in school vision and to iterate our systems until we get it right?

  • How do we enforce discipline practices and policies that respect cultural differences and are grounded in the dignity of every student?

  • How do we create a “no-blame highly productive culture of data where teams own data and are grounded in searching for root causes and testing hypotheses”?

  • How do we courageously engage in difficult conversations with students, families educators and community partners to deepen quality of student learning and instructional experiences?

  • How do we create a culture of culturally-sensitive communication that leverages the strengths of linguistic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity?

Skills & Mindsets:

  • Managerial experience in a school setting
  • Deep understanding of what it means to live as part of a marginalized group of people
  • Great relationship skills and high emotional intelligence
  • Thrives with an abundance of freedom

How to apply? Email a cover letter and resume to cofounders@hncollective.org.

Want to know more about us? - Head to our website or read through this one-pager.

Note: Our first priority in hiring is to create a diverse team of people (in life experience, age, race, gender, identity, etc.)