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thinkSchools is a new podcast with Alex Hernandez. It features amazing things happening in public education. Our co-founders were lucky to be featured in the first episode, "The HadaNou Collective and Passion-Fueled, Authentic Learning" (Ep. 1).

Here's a short description: "Meet Nathan Pai Schmitt and Wisdom Amouzou, co-founders of The HadaNõu Collective. They help kids find their passions, tackle big problems and impact their communities. Authentic, passion-driven learning at its best."


1:59 Helping kids discover their passions; Alondra's story.

3:58 Tackling big, real-world problems; Gabby's story.

7:07 Students taking their power; lessons in walking out of class.

12:41 On the new Street Knowledge center at Manual High School in Denver.

15:08 On overcoming failure; story about Carlos and his long 3 months.

20:13 The data HNC uses to support authentic learning.

22:25 Looking back 10 years from now.

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